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Press Sighting: Modified Luxury & Exotics

December 15, 2008

logo-modified.jpgKudos to the ML&E team for a really sweet mention in their "Lifesetyle Gear" gift guide.  From the guide:  "There might not be any better present this Christmas than one from Gotham Dream Cars.  Located in New York and South Florida, GDC has the largest collection of exotics for rent in the country.  Gift the gift of speed to a friend, relative, co-worker or even yourself (we won't tell)."

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Miami New Times' Expose on the South Florida Rental Biz

December 8, 2008

new-times-logo.jpgThe Miami New Times recently published one of the most comprehensive pieces written to date on the shady state of the exotic car rental industry in South Florida.  We spent a good amount of time with author Gus Garcia-Roberts, and we're pleased to report that Gotham Dream Cars received extremely complementary remarks in what is otherwise a scathing review of the industry.

A highlight, with the full article below..."After slogging through this lawless industry long enough, stepping into the Gotham Dream Cars complex can be a bit startling...The cars are properly insured for rental, an on-site mechanic takes care of the fleet's constant minor repairs, and the personable employees wear black-and-orange polo uniform tops.  It's all so"

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Press Sighting: Promenade Magazine

December 3, 2008

promenade-logo-top.jpgLooking for a way to spice up that holiday shopping?  Promenade Magazine wrote a little sidebar about us as a way to make that schlep a bit easier.  From the article:  "The only annoying thing about shopping and sightseeing in glorious Gotham, chockablock with the world's most sought-after emporia and famous points of interest, is the getting to and fro, from Asprey to Armany, from Bulgari to Brunello's just such a drag when your hands are laden with shopping bags galore.  The solution, of course, is vehicular transportation that can readily whisk you from Uptown to SoHo and provide a temporary resting spot for all those treasured purchases and souvenirs.  Gotham Dream Cars makes it a snap for you to traipse around town in style and comfort on four wheels..."

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