Exotic cars make an impact on your clients, employees, friends and family that lasts a lifetime.

Looking for an innovative way to turn heads and leave a lasting impression? Gotham Dream Cars has extensive experience in running unforgettable corporate and group events and promotions, and we're ready to knock your collective socks off.

Whether your event calls for the class of Rolls Royce, Bentley and Aston Martin or the thrill of Ferrari and Lamborghini, Gotham Dream Cars is uniquely suited to provide a world-class exotic car experience.

The Ultimate Attention-Getter

Exotic cars are eye-catching and one of the best tools available to grab - and hold - attention. Not only do heads turn, but people literally flock to see the cars from their posters and magazines come to life.

The folks from The History Channel wanted a unique way to generate buzz and promote the launch of 'Top Gear USA', so we came up with an idea: Turn a fleet of exotic cars into taxi cabs, set them loose in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York, and see what would happen. The result? One of the most talked-about and award-winning promotional events of the year.


The Ultimate Team-Building Event

Our Dream Car Tour and Dream Car Sprint events are hugely fun and make a wonderful team-building experience. Private sessions and day-long events are available for groups of 6 - 200+ clients, colleages, friends or family.

We've run events for everyone from real estate professionals to automotive executives to non-profit groups. One of the wonderful things about exotic cars is that regardless of age, industry or nationality - everyone can appreciate a great car.


The Ultimate Reward

Our Exotic car rentals and DreamShare Memberships make for a superb way to say "Thank you!" to the people in your world who deserve it. Why send fruit baskets when you can give someone a few days behind the wheel of a Ferrari or an evening out in a Maybach instead? Talk about an incentive!


Unmatched Flexibility

When the folks from L'Oreal called and wanted to make a memorable mark, we worked together to tastefully brand our Maybach 57, suited up a chauffeur, and arranged the latest products to be showcased to selected guests. The "L'Oreal Experience Ride" was a huge hit.

Any of our products and services can be totally customized to suit your group's needs. We know that every promotion is different, every group is different, and every client is different. Our creative staff and multi-million dollar fleet is at your disposal. From transport to staffing, if you can dream it, Gotham Dream Cars can make it happen.


Contact Us Today to Learn More:

Rob Ferretti
+1 (201) 637-4308

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