Our clients are often super-excited before, during, and after their Gotham Dream Cars experiences. Here are some photos, letters, and quotes we've gotten from our happy customers. Select a filter to the right to see product-specific reviews.


Bryce W., Orlando, FL

The Dream Car Sprint

This past Thursday, I attended a Dream Car Sprint driving experience. The Lamborghini Countach was one of the cars that really ignited my passion for cars. My wife, knowing my love for the bull, purchased a four-lap drive for me in the Gallardo. All the way home that night, I could not stop smiling! Thanks for the good times!


Brian G., New York, NY

The Dream Car Sprint

Many thanks to Gotham Dream Cars (and Mrs G.) Had a AWESOME time driving the Lamborghini. Ahhhhh such a joy!!!!


Susan M., Philadelphia, PA

The Dream Car Sprint

I am still high as kite after my 2 rides in the Ferarri F430 in Philly today. Thank you thank you, what a fabulously exhilarating experience. This was a fantastic idea to give people the chance to drive a dream car super fast. I really had fun, so much so, that after my first ride, I bought another ride! WOW. Thanks again and I be coming back to do it again.


Paul H., Milwaukee, WI

The Dream Car Sprint

Everyone working the event was awsome... Thanks for the best birthday.... Cant wait to see you next year!


Ted & Ashley K., Chicago, IL

The Dream Car Sprint

Ashley and I had a great time today at the Sears Center driving the F430, Gallardo, and the 599. We're hoping you come back in the Spring (I tweaked the photo a bit to make it just a teeny bit more awesome than it already was!)


Jim M., Nassau County, NY

The Dream Car Sprint

Drove an F430 yesterday at Nassau Coliseum at the Dream Car Sprint. What a blast! I want to do it again!

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