The Dream Car Dash is our newest event - and a true racetrack driving experience. Warning: This is only for serious adrenaline junkies.

You asked for more speed. You asked for more seat time. You asked for more horsepower. And now we're bringing all of that to you at select racetracks across the country.

The Dream Car Dash will put you behind the wheel of some of your favorite exotic cars on some of the most famous (and awesome) professional racetracks. You'll experience the speed, power, and handling as you pilot your vehicle through chicanes, turns, and down the ever-important straightaway, where you'll hit speeds of 100mph+ !

As always, safety is our #1 priority (right above fun, which is a close #2), so you'll have an instructor by your side the whole time, guiding you along the optimal racing line. Our goal is to make this event as user-friendly as possible, so the focus will be on fun and adrenaline, not lap times or competition (the Dash in not a timed event.)

You'll have a choice of vehicles from the amazing GDC fleet, and we promise you'll walk away with a grin about as wide as the back straight.

And it's all yours for just $449 .


-- Kim S., Newton, MA.


-- Peter R., Ft. Lee, NJ.


-- Jonathan N., Ft. Lauderdale, FL.


-- David P., Stroudsburg, PA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dream Car Dash?

The Dream Car Dash is an exotic car driving experience that takes place on a full-sized, professional racetrack. You'll have a chance to drive one of your favorite exotic cars for several laps around the track.

Where exactly will I be driving?

For a current listing of track locations, please visit our reservations page.

How fast will I go?

On the straightaway, you'll be able to hit speeds of 100mph+. The actual speeds you drive will be dictated by your comfort level, ability, and track conditions. You will not be required to drive any faster than you feel comfortable driving.

How long is the experience?

The entire experience - from registration to exit - will take approximately one hour. You'll register, get a safety briefing, get an overview of your vehicle, and drive. You will get to drive three laps on the track (depending on location & track size) and will spend a total of fifteen to twenty minutes in the car between setup, instruction and driving.

Do I need to know how to drive stick?

Nope. All of the vehicles used on the Dream Car Dash are equipped with "tiptronic"-style semi-automatic or fully automatic transmissions, so you'll be able to drive like a pro no matter what.

How old do I have to be to drive?

All drivers must be 21 or older to participate in the Dream Car Dash.

Uh-oh -- I'm under 21! What now?

Unfortunately all drivers must be 21 or older. Our insurance requirements have limited our ability to be flexible here. As a result, our ride along program is no longer available. But we welcome folks of all ages to join us at the event as spectators. Kids are welcome to sit in the cars and take pictures in and around them.

Can a friend ride along with me (or can I ride along with a friend driving)?

We're very sorry, but passengers are not permitted on the Dream Car Dash. Our professional instructors sit in the passenger seat while you drive, and all of the vehicles used on the event are 2-seaters.

Do I need any special type of insurance to participate?

No special insurance is needed, however you are responsible for safely getting your vehicle back to the pit in the same condition you left. You will be responsible for any damage done to the vehicles while on the track. In some locations, supplemental insurance may be available for an additional cost.

Are there size/weight requirements to participate? I know sports cars can be tight.

We do not have size restrictions for the Dream Car Dash. Children riding along with our professional driver need to be large enough to sit in an adult seat with no modifications or adjustments to the seat (i.e. no booster seats). Adults of all sizes should have no issues getting behind the wheel - we've had professional athletes from all sports rent our cars (from football linebackers to basketball centers), so even those that are larger or taller than average can participate in our event. Unfortunately, we are unable to say with 100% certainty whether you'll be 100% comfortable until you get seated, but we wouldn't worry.

How can I record my Dream Car Dash experience?

Gotham Dream Cars has a professional photographer on site to capture the experience, so you can rest assured knowing your Dream Car Dash will be memorialized forever. In some locations, we will also have in-car videos available for purchase for an additional fee.

Do I need to wear any special clothing?

You will be provided with a helmet (you're welcome to bring your own if it's up to SCCA specs). Wear comfortable clothes and good-fitting sneakers or racing shoes. Open-toed shoes (sandals, flip-flops, etc.) will not be allowed because of the potential for them to get stuck in the pedals or fall off. And you don't want that to happen at 150mph!

Can I give this as a gift to someone?

Absolutely! You can purchase a gift certificate directly from our online store.

Sounds great! What next?

Awesome! All you have to do now is head to our reservations page and sign up. See ya soon...

Ready to Roll?


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