Our clients are often super-excited before, during, and after their Gotham Dream Cars experiences. Here are some photos, letters, and quotes we've gotten from our happy customers. Select a filter to the right to see product-specific reviews.


Melinda & Chuck C., Pittsburgh, PA

The Dream Car Tour

We loved your experience. We can't say enough great things about you and your company! After our Dream Car Tour, and after driving the Gallardo, my husband Chuck said he had to have one. So he is the proud owner of a 2008 yellow Lambo..thanks to you! He told me to never sign him up for a private jet tour!


Ryan, New York, NY

The Dream Car Tour

"Hey everybody! Yesterday I was able to drive my first F430. My girlfriend bought me a Dream Car Tour as a surprise gift for my brithday. I had a blast the entire time and I would like to thank everyone at Gotham Dream Cars and especially my wonderful girlfriend for making this possible. Enjoy the pictures, and hopefully someday I won't need to go on a tour to drive a Ferrari!"


Holly V., Nashville, TN

The Dream Car Tour

"Thank you very much for the fabulous Dream Car Tour experience last week. My family had a great time - even those in the group who are not 'car' people :) A special thanks to Vinnie for teaching me how to run the Murcielago with a little finesse and for helping a damsel in distress."


Daniel & Marlayna, Kalamazoo, MI

The Dream Car Tour

A kind note we received from our friends Daniel & Marlayna after they participated in the Legends Dream Car Tour.


Jordan & Paul, Miami, FL

The Dream Car Tour

"I just wanted to say thanks to you guys in making my, and my buddy Paul's, dreams come true with the tour. We had a blast and it was definitely an unforgettable day that I will remember forever. All the guys running the tour were wonderful and we couldn't have enjoyed it more. It was a great route to run the cars and such an awesome experience. I've told all my friends and hopefully more of us can come again soon. Thanks again!"


Brian W., Miami, FL

The Dream Car Tour

A shot (one of many) from my experience with Gotham Dream Cars. One of the greatest experiences. Ever.

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