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The DOs and DON'ts of Renting an Exotic Car

November 1, 2007

jalopy.jpgLet's face it -- there are a lot of crappy companies in the exotic car rental business. We have to deal with them every day - guys who post up pictures of $10M collections that all happen to be "rented out at the moment." Others who rent our personal cars, and still others who offer cars like the "2008 Ferrari 360 Modena Spider." So today we released a series of tips aimed at better informing consumers about ways they can avoid getting taken for a ride (figuratively) when renting an exotic car. Read on for details...

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Video: Happy Hour on FOX Business

October 23, 2007

fox-business.jpgCody, one of the co-hosts of the 'Happy Hour' show on FOX Business, met up with us in Central Park and took a mid-day spin in our orange Gallardo Spyder. He was enthusiastic, to say the least (who wouldn't be?). He even managed to keep an (almost) straight face after he cut his back on his mic transmitter as he hopped in the car Dukes of below for the full video...

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Press Sighting: CNN/Fortune Magazine

October 19, 2007

cnnfortune.jpgFortune's automotive journalist Sue Zesiger Callaway gave us a terrific mention in her piece for & Fortune Magazine: "Just call GDC and tell it what you want, when, and where -- and the company will make it happen. GDC prides itself on being available and flexible -- it even gives members an extra day free on weekend rentals."

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