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GDC Clubhouse Update: Toys, toys, toys...

December 6, 2006

What fun would a clubhouse full of exotic cars be without a kickin' entertainment system? We asked ourselves the very same question, and the answer is 'not enough'.

So we went out, bribed a few friendly salespeople at our favorite big-box retailer (amazing what offering someone a ride in a Murcielago does for you!), and voila, we ended up with a shopping cart filled with a 50" Plasma TV, a stack of DVDs & video games, and......that most-elusive of holiday treats, a Playstation 3.

Ahh the length we go for our members & clients...

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Comments Now Live...

November 8, 2006

Be a part of the community -- Comments are now active on all of our News postings.  Feel free to participate, ask questions, add your thoughts, etc.

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