Alas we've retired this vehicle from our fleet. Please check out our full fleet list for vehicles currently available.

McLaren MP4-12C Spider

Can perfection be improved upon? That's what McLaren managed to do with the convertible Spider version of its entry level supercar. Identical to its sibling in every way except for a retractable hardtop, which adds 101lbs from the hardtop version, yet it still manages to get to 60mph from 0 in the same 3.1 seconds. How is that for engineering?

Delivering 562hp in a power-packed twin-turbo V8, the 570S Spider overloads your senses in almost every way. The engine roars, the turbo kicks, and the tires grab the road true to its F1 heritage.

As one of the most exotic-looking vehicles on the road, it gives the competition (namely the Lamborghini Huracan) a real run for its money.

Prepare yourself, if people didn't notice you driving the car, just wait until you open the butterfly doors - the 570S Spider is no regular sports car. It is truly a super car.

And our warning still applies: This car makes everything else on the road look boring, and its exotic look doesn't only turn heads -- it stops traffic (so be careful!)

Like the rest of our West Coast fleet, this vehicle is available for delivery to the San Diego area on-demand. Just let us know where and when, and we'll make your dream come true.

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