Ferrari 458 Italia Spider

Ferrari 488 Spider Available.

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The original Ferrari 458 Italia was, without question, the most spectacular car we here at GDC ever drove. Hands down. End of story. Game Over.

Wait - that is - until Ferrari released the 458 Italia Spider.

And now the best has gotten even better.

An all-new design, the 458 Italia builds on the tremendous success of the F430 and arrives with a larger 4.5L V8 motor that pumps out a numbing 562hp of pure Italian goodness.

And the gearbox - oh the gearbox. Ever wonder what it feels like to shift an F1 car? Yeah, the 458 is like that. Instant, perfect shifts that appear to happen before you've finished pulling the paddle (thank you very much double clutch).

The power is beyond words. The handling is perfect. And when the 458 is cruising around town, it's downright sedate...(you might even think you were in a *gasp* luxury sedan.) Hit the gas on the highway, though, and it comes to life like no other Ferrari in history.

And of course, top it all off with, well, a convertible top. Now imagine all of the above with perfect blue sky and crisp wind blowing through your hair. Yeah, we felt that way too.

The 458 Italia set the bar to a new height - the 458 Italia Spider raised it.

Like the rest of our West Coast fleet, this vehicle is available for delivery to the San Diego area on-demand. Just let us know where and when, and we'll make your dream come true.

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