Alas we've retired this vehicle from our fleet. Please check out our full fleet list for vehicles currently available.

Maybach 57S

When Mercedes (re)-introduced its storied Maybach brand in 2002, the world didn't quite know what to expect. What we got was nothing short of spectacular -- literally, a private jet on wheels.

The Maybach model line became the new definition of pure, absolute luxury. With a price tag nearing $400,000, no detail was left in any form other than perfect. The interior lighting was tuned. The rear seats were designed to be comfortable for an hours-long ride. The powerplant - a massive 543hp V12 - was setup so cruising was silent and effortless. Rolls Royce & Bentley were no longer the only games in the ultra-luxury town -- a new competitor was born.

When they revamped the line a few years later, our Maybach 57S was born. The S, of course, stands for "sport", and the world's most luxurious sedan suddenly came to life as the world's most luxurious - and sporty - sedan. Not only is it a pleasure to be driven in, but the 57S is a ton of fun to drive as well. You'll be just as home behind the steering wheel as you will stretched out in the massive backseat.

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