Presenting the Mighty Saleen S7

June 17, 2008

This is the big one we've been waiting for:  Today we are pleased to announce the addition of the Saleen S7 supercar to the GDC fleet.  This car defies so many parts of reality that we're basically beside ourselves.  It's a 550hp, limited-production, $400,000 race car for the street.  The most exotic looks of any vehicle we've driven and performance that not only matches but exceeds any expectations you could possibly have.  Read below for the official press release...

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                     

Mike Haas / / 323.951.0529

Soon Nguyen /

Luxe Communications for Gotham Dream Cars





~ $4,000 Grants You a Day in One of the World’s Fastest and Most Exclusive Cars in the World ~


MANHATTAN, New York & MIAMI, Florida, (June 17, 2008) – Gotham Dream Cars (GDC), New York’s and Miami's premier “ultra-exotic” car rental company & membership car club, announces the addition of one of the world’s most exclusive super sports cars to its fleet: the Saleen S7.  Known to the automotive world as the race car built for the street, the Saleen S7 will now headline GDC’s premier fleet, which includes various models from Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche, Mercedes, and more.  With an original base cost of more than $400,000 and fewer than 100 total units built, this 200-mph-plus super car is expected to create a six week waiting list at $4,000 per day.      


“The addition of such a rare super car represents the first of a number of special additions we intend to make in the coming months,” stated Noah Lehmann-Haupt, President and CEO of Gotham Dream Cars. “Most people only see unique cars like the Saleen S7 in movies and museums.  Gotham Dream Cars is making one available for its clients to drive freely – speed limits permitting.”               


The Saleen S7 is America’s super car: a limited production, hand-built masterpiece designed by race drivers and engineers to push the very limits of what is considered legal to drive on the street.  GDC’s candy-apple-red Saleen S7 has a naturally aspirated, 7-liter 550 horsepower engine and weighs only 2,750 lbs.  The car is constructed entirely of carbon fiber, aluminum and chrome-molly tubing.  The Saleen S7 is available at both the company’s New York & Miami facilities and is reserved only for returning GDC customers & members of its exclusive DreamShare exotic car club. 




Gotham Dream Cars is the leading source for “ultra-exotic” vehicle rentals & driving experiences in New York, the Northeast, Miami and South Florida.  With the country’s largest dedicated and company-owned fleet of exotic cars, GDC’s 20+ vehicles are valued at well over $4 million and are available to its clients by the day, weekend, week or more.  The company offers traditional rentals, group driving events (The Dream Car Tour™), and an exclusive fractional-style membership club (DreamShare™) that gives car lovers the joy of exotic car ownership without the hassles of maintaining, insuring, or purchasing the often finicky and always expensive high-end vehicles. Please contact Gotham Dream Cars at 877.2.GOTHAM and visit its website at for more information on what sets it apart from the ordinary.


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